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In Full Compliance Review with the CRD

We have recently been reviewed by the CRD's Parks and Environmental Services regarding the CRD Sewer Use Bylaw, and we are proud to report another year's outstanding review! "…it was found that (Greenway Carpet Cleaning) was in full compliance…diligence in … Continue reading

Happy Victoria Day Weekend from Greenway Carpet Cleaning!

Happy Victoria Day Weekend, everyone, from Greenway Carpet Cleaning! Have a Safe and Happy Weekend! We will be closed on Monday, May 20th but will be open for business on Tuesday morning at 8:30 am!    

And The 2013 Home Expo Draw Winners Are…

Well it was a success! Lori and I had a booth at the 2013 Home Expo this past weekend at Juan de Fuca promoting our new protectant, MicroSeal®. We had daily draws where each winner will receive a FREE MicroSeal application … Continue reading

So What Did YOU Do For Earth Day?

We here at Greenway Carpet Cleaning want to remind you to take care of our Earth EVERYDAY! By recycling plastics, styrofoam, foil composite bags (and many other recyclable products not available for recycling with the CRD) at various Pacific Mobile Depot … Continue reading

Greenway Carpet Cleaning Turns 20 Years Old!

On Saturday, April 20th Greenway Carpet Cleaning turns 20 years old!   Lori and I want to thank you, our customers, employees, family and friends, for your continued support throughout the years.   We are proud to have been the first … Continue reading

Daily Draws for a FREE MicroSeal® Application worth $250 at the Victoria 2013 Home Expo April 19-21st!

We will have a booth for our newest product Microseal® at Victoria's 2013 Home Expo April 19-21st! Come see us and sign up at our MicroSeal® booth for DAILY draws for a FREE MicroSeal® application for your couch! (Up to … Continue reading

Greenway and MicroSeal of Victoria will be at the Victoria 2013 Home Expo April 19th-21st!

We will have a booth at the Victoria 2013 Home Expo to introduce and demonstrate our newest product, MicroSeal®! Come by to say hello and check us out Friday, April 19th to Sunday, April 21st at West Shore Parks and Recreation!  … Continue reading

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Many folks can't afford solar panels or a new hybrid car — and newly produced items like those can actually add to a personal carbon footprint, because of the energy and resources needed to make them. There are, however, simple, constructive … Continue reading

EARTH DAY is on Sunday, April 22nd!

Just a reminder that it is Earth Day on Sunday, April 22nd this year! Please let us know how you are planning to participate! Here at Greenway we are neurotic about recycling – we have specific bins that we use to … Continue reading

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

 This may be a cliché, however, the best way to be Earth-friendly is to cut down on what you consume and recycle whenever you can. Every little bit helps; recycling just one glass bottle saves enough electricity to light a … Continue reading