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Carpet Cleaning

Service Intro

Whether it is wool or synthetic our systems are designed to thoroughly clean all fibres safely.

Carpets are cleaned with non-toxic safe formulas that are pre-sprayed on to the carpet, groomed in to suspend the oils and soils that have attached themselves to the fibres, then extracted with a cold (for natural fibres) or warm/hot (for synthetic fibres) fresh water rinse. Drying times can vary depending on fibre type, how soiled the carpets were and the sub-floor under the carpet. We offer truck mount & portable hot water extraction and low moisture encapsulation technology. So, we have you covered whether you live in a home, town house or condo/apartment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if spots come back?2020-10-07T22:43:15+00:00

We offer free follow up service calls if there are any issues.

How much does it cost?2020-10-07T22:43:15+00:00

We charge by the square foot of the carpeted areas we clean so a free in home estimate is best as we can then give you a firm price in writing.

How long does it take to clean my carpet?2020-10-07T22:43:15+00:00

Depending on the condition & amount of carpet being cleaned anywhere from 1/2 hr to 6 hrs.

Are your cleaning solutions safe?2020-10-07T22:43:15+00:00

“Yes all our chemistry has a certification and MSDS sheets (Material Safety Data Sheet)”

How long does it take to dry?2020-10-07T22:43:15+00:00

“4 -12 hours depending on the carpet type, how soiled it was, the method of cleaning used and if the sub-floor is wood or concrete.”

Do you clean wool carpet?2020-09-18T17:29:38+00:00

“Yes we are a WoolSafe® approved service provider which means we use only products and equipment recommended by WoolSafe®, an International organization that tests products and services for carpet, upholstery & rug maintenance products & services.”

“Once again, I am very pleased with Greenway. I had excellent service beginning with booking the appointment right through to completion.”

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