The GREENWAY Difference:

Earth-friendly Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning

With the on-going trend in our world to be a throw-a-way society, we are committed to renewing and restoring the perfectly useful and beautiful carpets, area rugs and upholstery in your home. Whether your possessions are high quality expensive items or basic budget friendly they are all treasures to most. So cleaning & repurposing your carpets and furnishings only makes sense. Being an environmentally conscious company, you do have a choice to clean & protect your belongings instead of discarding them. Sometimes these items are dated and need to be renewed, once renewed we can help to protect these items against future staining and sun damage with our non-toxic MicroSeal® product. Whether your carpets, area rugs or upholstery are new or used we can help give them new life and/or protect them for a longer life.


THE DIFFERENCE: Your carpets, area rugs and upholstery will be super clean, immediately safe for children and pets, and free of fumes and toxins. Our technology removes dirt, allergens and pet dander, creating a healthy environment for you. And the products that we use will not harm the environment or water sources.

WHY? The cleaning agents in our Pre-Spray are safe and non-toxic. The formulations we use are made from natural minerals. They are certified by the Envirodesic™ and Greenseal™ organizations as meeting stringent environmental standards.


THE DIFFERENCE: Your carpets and upholstery will be dry in only 2 – 4 hours in most cases, so you can enjoy them right away, with little disruption to your day.

WHY? The reason they dry so quickly is that we use low moisture equipment. The water, pre-spray and dirt are then immediately extracted back into the machine and into our specialized truck.


THE DIFFERENCE: You will not have to worry about any residue, either in your carpet or upholstery, that may trap dirt or cause damage.

WHY? Unlike some companies, GREENWAY does not add detergents or acids to the rinse, just fresh, superheated water, so there is no residue left with our process.


THE DIFFERENCE: Our staff are specialists and highly trained.

WHY? Our firm and all staff members have been certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (CleanTrust). The CleanTrust sets industry standards and represents over 3,320 certified firms and 35,000 certified technicians in over 33 countries. Members must continue to take courses annually to maintain their certification.


THE DIFFERENCE: You can rely on our uniformed staff to be there on time, and to be courteous and professional. They are insured and bonded. You will also receive a personal phone call after the service to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

WHY? Owners Rob & Lori Green believe in professionalism in all aspects of the business, and they train their staff in this philosophy.


THE DIFFERENCE: We care…about you, about quality and the earth.

WHY? We are a family-owned Victoria, BC company, not a large corporation, with 27 years of dedicated service to our community, When you hire GREENWAY, you deal directly with people who are committed to you. GREENWAY is also a Member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau – Vancouver Island.

Our Testimonials

“August was carpet cleaning time again and of course I chose Greenway. This would be my third year of using their services. Always on time, Steve is a very pleasant professional. I would not go to any other carpet cleaning service they are the best.”
Jacqueline L. , Victoria, BC

“Greenway Carpet Cleaning service was great. They picked up my carpets on short notice and within a couple of days, brought them back nice and clean. As a person with asthma, I appreciate that they use eco friendly cleaning products. I will use Greenway again. ”

Rose D. , Victoria, BC

“Greenway micro-sealed our furniture in 2013. We have a navy velvet couch that sat in direct sunlight for 8 years and did not fade. it is now in different direct sunlight and is still not fading. This is fantastic!”

Juhree Z. , Victoria, BC
“Greenway has done a fabulous job on my carpets, totally transformed them and given them a glowing finish.  They’ve gone the extra mile to get out some really old stains and been completely professional in their approach.  They are streets ahead of other cleaning companies in Victoria, in my view!”
Claire T. , Victoria, BC

“Mattias, from Balance Home Cleaning, recommended Greenway for carpet cleaning. Rob, Lori and Steve are an exceptional team who deliver professional, highly competent service at each step of the process, from estimate to invoice. All three outperformed each of the many carpet cleaning companies I have used over the years. Greenway is to be highly commended and recommended. ”

G. Ireland, Victoria, BC
“Once again, it was a pleasure doing business with Lori and Bob. I have been using their services for the past 5 years and had sent my rug off once again to be cleaned . When it came back this time, I was not too happy with the job. I contacted them right away and without a hesitation they came out and got the rug and recleaned it and did a beautiful job. The culprit was a clog in some of their machinery which they were unaware of. In this day and age it is nice to know of a company that truly stands behind their product , are true professionals, and take pride in a job well done. I would highly recommend them. Thank you once again Lori and Bob”
Susan R. , Victoria, BC
“I made myself a wonderful dinner tonight… transferred the plate to a tray and poured myself a large glass of red wine. I plopped down on the sofa and tucked in, but in my enthusiasm I knocked the wine glass over and….. you guessed it…. a FULL glass of red wine splattered all over the carpet. The light beige part of the carpet!!! And also a bit on the sofa.

I leapt to my feet turning the air blue with obscenties. My dog almost jumped out of his skin. My instincts told me to BLOT – as fast as possible. So I tore off multiple squares of paper towel, threw them over the stains, and jumped on top to perform a maniac jig, as though I were crushing grapes. To my utter astonishment – and joy – every vestige of wine was drawn into the paper towels. Honestly, Sue, I don’t think anyone would ever know what took place. I did the same thing to the sofa fabric.

Thank God for MicroSeal! It’s worth it’s weight in gold.”

Helen, Vancouver, BC
“Our experience with Greenway has been outstanding. Our carpets and sofa and chairs which have been cleaned have ended up looking like brand new. As well, their product, Microseal, which is not just like Scotchguard, but which actually penetrates the material of the sofa or carpet, means that even bad greasy stains or wine stains, come out like a dream. Rob and Lori and team have provided us with exemplary service. I can recommend them wholeheartedly.”
J. Hollingworth, Victoria, BC
“Rob and Lori did an excellent job cleaning and applying MicroSeal to my white couch and chair. Four months later I splashed red wine on the couch and could not remove it with my own efforts and products at hand. I was certain I had ruined the furniture but when I called, they both came right over, and removed the stains completely with their knowledge and specialty products. Just amazing, not a trace. I am extremely pleased with their customer service, their experience and expertise. It is a pleasure to work with their professional, conscientious approach. I would recommend Lori and Rob without hesitation. Well done. ”
B. Glazier, Victoria, BC
“We just had our couch, chair and ottoman cleaned by Greenway Carpet Cleaning. Rob and Lori did a fabulous job – the set looks like it did when we first bought it 6 years ago! They did the work in the afternoon, there was no annoying odor or chemical smell (they’re organic!) and it was almost completely dry by dinner. It was great value and so worth it – I really recommend anyone thinking of doing this as part of their Spring cleaning to call Greenway.”
Kate, Victoria, BC
“When we purchased new wall to wall beige wool carpeting for our bedroom six months ago,, we decided to protect it with MicroSeal. We have a dog that sleeps in the bedroom and while she hardly ever gets sick, “just in case” she ever had an accident, we thought that MicroSeal would be our best defence. Well, in the middle of the night she vomited in a very visible area of the rug, and it was a mess. After I did some initial treatment based on Greenway’s instructions, Rob came to the house for an emergency professional treatment, and then a followup a couple of days later to further treat the stain. It is now basically invisible, thanks to the MicroSeal protection and his followup. I am THRILLED, and so happy we decided to go this extra step in protecting our rug. I have also just had my new sofas protected with MicroSeal and am recommending the product highly to friends.”
G Back, Victoria, BC
“I hereby testify that Lori Green, Greenway, and MicroSeal are the carpet and upholstery cleaners and fabric proetctant business of choice for any and all who require the services of a top quality and accredited carpet and upholstery cleaning company. Referring my clients to Lori is always a rewarding experience and they have every time been very pleased with the service. Many have called to say thank you for referring Lori. Wool broadloom does not come with a mill applied stain proofing. When someone purchases wool broadloom I strongly recommend that they have Greenway apply MicroSeal as the most reliable way to help prevent staining. Wool tends to last a long time but if it gets stained, that stain will be there forever. It is a privilege to associate with Lori and I would not hesitate to refer her service to my friends, family and clients.”
M.A. Franklin, Edgar and Miner Flooring, Victoria, BC
“Another thank you for the gentle care you gave my 75-year old Isfahan carpet – the jewel-tones have reappeared after decades, it is virtually glowing. But this is mostly to thank you for researching an appropriate under pad, and I duly report that the “Platinum Slide-Stop” is a superb product. I’ve tested it out now for nearly two weeks: the spongy feel when walking on the carpet is luscious, and there is no wrinkling anywhere.Even more significant is how the underlay takes care of my 5×7 Mori Bokara in the hall that travelled all around the place as my dogs charged through. It no longer moves at all. A corner may flip up, but the underlay stays put. All in all, it makes for a quieter, more peaceful home. Thank you.”
A. Mayhew, Victoria, BC
“Just a note to lend my voice to the others who are also so pleased with Greenway. I’ve been using Greenway exclusively for the past 10 years. I value the natural, very effective cleaning products and services you provide. Without fail, you and your team are knowledgeable, thorough, polite, and take pride in your work. I turn to you for trustworthy advice about all things carpet, and know I can count on you for your integrity and honesty. Thanks!”
A. Harvey, Victoria, BC
“Just want to tell you what a great job Rob did on my British India Rugs. These are old and precious to me. I appreciate the special care and attention taken with their cleaning. I cannot say enough about the technician who came to clean the traffic areas in our condo! Rob also gave me good advice on the choice of new carpeting for the common areas of our condo. We are trying to get the best advice possible, because this is a big and expensive job. Rob’s 20 years experience with carpets and carpet cleaning was a big help. Thank you so much from a very satisfied customer.”
Maida Neilson, Victoria, BC
“I wanted to let you know how pleased and impressed I am by your company. When I moved to my new home, I was very ill from reactions to toxics in my previous home. To my shock I found I was also reacting to mold and dust in my new place. After your carpet cleaning I was absolutely amazed by the difference. Not only were the carpets clean, but the air in my new home was clean and fresh, with no hint of chemicals and the carpets dried quickly, I haven’t had any problem whatsoever with my breathing since the cleaning. Your receptionist was exceptional and your technician worked with care and did a tremendous job. The entire experience was superb, and I’m telling everyone I know about your company.”
E. Sainte-Marie, Victoria, BC
“Thank you for your exceptional service. We were impressed with the professional and respectful manner as well as the knowledge of all your staff. We value your concern for the environment and most of all the high standard that Greenway Cleaning provided.”
Ken & Dawn Fyke, Victoria, BC
“I must thank you for a level of service that is quite unsurpassed in this day and age. When I had my new Stainmaster carpet installed two years ago Greenway was recommended to me as the finest carpet cleaners on the Island. A year after installation my carpet required cleaning. Following the cleaning you volunteered the fact that you were dissatisfied with the results and returned to re-clean the carpet a second time using a new system at no additional cost. A year later you again cleaned my carpet. This time you observed that marks that could not be removed were the sign of a serious problem with the carpet and you advised the suppliers “Stainmaster” accordingly. I have just been informed that the carpet is to be replaced totally free of cost including labour. I am indebted to you for the time and effort you devoted to my problem. Prospective customers need look no further. Greenway is undoubtedly the best carpet cleaner on the island. “
Allan Singleton-Wood, Victoria, BC
“Hi Lori and Rob
Just a note to say thank you so much for helping us out yesterday installing the non slip material under our Persian rug. It is very much appreciated. Thank you too for a great job cleaning our very soiled Persian rug. it looks amazing.
The carpet cleaning of our Condo was excellent and we are extremely pleased with your workmanship and results.
Not to forget your great Technician, Steve who was very professional and a pleasure to have dealings with. A great job well done. Thanks again”
Trish and Derek

Did You Know?

Shaw Industries, the largest carpet manufacturer in the world, announced in 2008 that only certified members of the CleanTrust (formally IICRC) could service their carpets.

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