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Upholstery Cleaning

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Natural or synthetic, big or small upholstery is cleaned with non-toxic safe formulas!

They are presprayed into the fabric, groomed in with a horse hair brush to suspend the oils and soils that have attached themselves to the fibres, then extracted with fresh water. We use cold water for natural fibres and warm/hot for synthetic fibres. Drying times can vary depending on fibre type & construction. We offer truck mount & portable hot water extraction and low moisture encapsulation technology. So, we have you covered whether you live in a home, town house or condo/apartment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get the smell out of my couch?2020-10-07T22:43:15+00:00

Yes in most cases. A free onsite inspection & estimate is a must in this situation.

Do you offer stain protection?2020-10-08T21:54:21+00:00

Yes we have our excellent product MicroSeal that is non-toxic & hypoallergenic. It provides many benefits such as stain & sunfade protection. Check out our MicroSeal section.

Can you clean cotton?2020-10-07T22:43:15+00:00

Yes all materials can be cleaned safely. A free in home inspection & estimate is best before cleaning.

Can I use my furniture the same day?2020-10-07T22:43:15+00:00

Yes some fabric can take longer to dry than others so we offer the use of a high speed dryer at no cost to speed up drying.

I only want the cushions cleaned.2020-10-07T22:43:15+00:00

No problem, we can clean the entire piece or parts which we call traffic area cleaning. We recommend a free onsite estimate in these situations.

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