If you check your furniture, there will sometimes be a cleaning ‘code’ on a tag under your seat cushions on the deck. These codes are there so the consumer will know which method of cleaning is recommended.

They are as follows:

W – Wet cleaning (extraction)

S – Solvent clean only

W/S – Wet and solvent cleaning

X – Vaccuum only

From our experience, most furniture will have an ‘S’ designation. This is because the manufacturer does not want to be responsible for damage if the material is wet cleaned. Very few professional cleaning companies dry clean anymore, so does this mean most modern furniture is uncleanable? NO!

Here at Greenway, we are experts in upholstery cleaning and are very capable of cleaning almost any material with water, including silk. We highly recommend a free, in-home evaluation and quote of your upholstery before cleaning, This way we will be on the same page regarding cleaning procedures and expected results.

Please don’t attempt to clean your upholstery yourself, as there are so many things that can go wrong! Leave it to the experts.