Top 3 Tips for Fast Drying Carpets

Greenway's equipment is specifically designed to leave your carpets as dry as possible. Here are some easy tips to speed up your dry time even further!

1) Open your windows.

You don't have to open them all the way. In most cases, just a crack will do. As water evaporates from your carpet, it enters the air. If there is nowhere for the moisture to go, it will become humid inside and this will slow the drying process. Think of defogging your bathroom mirror after a shower. This happens much more quickly when you open a door or window.

2) Turn on your fans.

As water evaporates from your carpet, a thin layer of 100% humidity forms on it's surface. This greatly slows the drying process. Air movement over the surface of the carpet will greatly speed up your dry time.

3) Maintain your heat.

You don't have to cook yourself, room temperature is perfect for quick drying. If the temperature drops too much, condensation can form.


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