Tips on Buying A Used Oriental Rug

Here at Greenway we've been cleaning wool area rugs since 1993 and have seen and cleaned all types, styles, and sizes of rugs.

  • Feel the wool – it should not feel 'dry' or look dull.
  • Watch for:
    • dye migration (colour bleeding)
    • Insect damage such as holes in the rug or barren patches on the back of the rug
    • Excessive wear (thread bare areas)
    • Fringes that pull away when you pull on them (overbleached in cleaning process)
    • Yellow, orange or light brown marks or blotches (possible animal urine, usually permanent damage)
    • Sun or UV damage (lightening of dyes on parts of rug)

These few tips on the condition of the rug are conditions that are usually permanent damage and cannot be 'cleaned' out. Keep in mind there are some amazing bargains out there so don't be afraid to buy a used area rug – just take a good look at it (all of it) before purchasing and be sure to ask questions about its history and use from the owner. If you are unsure about buying a used rug, we have some very fine wool rug dealers here in Victoria that can advise you on a new rug purchase.

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