Carpet Cleaning without Deodorizers

Here at Greenway, we are famous (or so my customers tell me) for NOT using any artificial scents or perfumes in our cleaning systems. Many of our customers have extensive allergies to chemicals and perfumes. They have also said that the house smells fresh and clean after we’ve been there, all without deodorizers. Hmmm…

If it is dirty – wash it!

Here at Greenway natural chemistry, kick-butt equipment, fuel-sipping trucks, a dedication to your indoor AND outdoor environments, heaps of experience and knowledge, plus a rather good looking staff ensures our customers that NO deodorizers are required. Let’s face it, most deodorizers are temporary masking agents anyway.

If your home is cleaned properly, deodorizers and perfumes should not be required. Excuse us but we are very passionate here at Greenway Carpet Cleaning! Someone’s got to do it – do it RIGHT, that is!

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