Greenway is Now a WoolSafe® Approved Service Provider!

After completing specialized training provided by the WoolSafe® organization, and meeting their very strict criteria, Greenway Carpet Cleaning is very proud to announce that we have been invited into this elite group of industry professional companies, who have trained personnel to care for your beautiful wool textiles.

Common Carpet Myths

There are a couple common misconceptions we here at Greenway run into on a regular basis. Unfortunately, sometimes these myths are propagated by under trained or poorly informed third party vendors. It's too bad because the people who lose out are clients who run into problems later on!

Carpet Pooling & Watermarking Pile Reversal

"Pooling' and 'watermarking' are forms of pile reversal that can change the appearance of both wool and synthetic carpets. This is a very aggravating problem that can occur in any carpeting at any time in the carpet's life.

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