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How Greenway Cleans Your Area Rugs

Here at Greenway we pride ourselves in providing the finest wool area rug cleaning service available. What sets us apart from most cleaners is the attention to detail, a huge knowledge of rug characteristics, dedication to non-toxic cleaning methods and a genuine desire to restore your rug to the best standards available.

Top 5 Reasons to Clean Your Carpets

Soiled carpeting can harbour bacteria and dust that can adversely effect your family’s health. Conversely, a clean carpet acts as a filter in the home, keeping airborne contaminants out of the air and improving indoor air quality. Like any filter, however, it must be cleaned regularly.

Common Carpet Myths

There are a couple common misconceptions we here at Greenway run into on a regular basis. Unfortunately, sometimes these myths are propagated by under trained or poorly informed third party vendors. It's too bad because the people who lose out are clients who run into problems later on!

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