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904, 2012

Greenway is Now a WoolSafe® Approved Service Provider!

April 9, 2012|

After completing specialized training provided by the WoolSafe® organization, and meeting their very strict criteria, Greenway Carpet Cleaning is very proud to announce that we have been invited into this elite group of industry professional companies, who have trained personnel to care for your beautiful wool textiles.

1903, 2012

Holy Cow! The Gemstone Rug

March 19, 2012|

Area Rugs can be a large investment. At Greenway we often deal with rugs valued at tens of thousands of dollars. Some people even have a special section in their house insurance for their prized rug! But there's one rug that really does take the cake…

903, 2012

Silk – The Queen of Fibres

March 9, 2012|

Silk – the most beautiful of all textile fibers is acclaimed as the queen of textiles. It comes from the cocoon of the silk worm and requires a great deal of handling and processing, which also makes it one of the most expensive fibers.

1802, 2012

The History of Area Rugs

February 18, 2012|

Area rugs of various kinds have been with us since the dawn of human civilization. From the first reed and animal skin rugs used by Paleolithic men, to modern machine-loomed wool area rugs decorating multi-million dollar homes, area rugs have been prized possessions of many a household.

2901, 2012

Common Carpet Myths

January 29, 2012|

There are a couple common misconceptions we here at Greenway run into on a regular basis. Unfortunately, sometimes these myths are propagated by under trained or poorly informed third party vendors. It's too bad because the people who lose out are clients who run into problems later on!

1901, 2012

Area Rug Repairs

January 19, 2012|

A quality hand knotted rug, if properly serviced, can last decades. But sometimes rug edges or fringes can be damaged by wear or the vacuum cleaner...

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