A quality hand knotted rug, if properly serviced, can last decades.  Certain Greenway customers have rugs that have been handed down through two generations or more.   Sometimes rug edges or fringes can be damaged by wear or the vacuum cleaner. In cases like these, Greenway can have your area rug repaired for you while we have it in our plant for a cleaning!  It is important to note that removing fringes from certain rugs can devalue them, so it is recommended you consult with your technician before deciding on a particular repair. Below are some rug repair options.



Binding is the most inexpensive method of repairing a damaged or unfinished edge.  A damaged fringe is first removed (if applicable), a binding tape is then folded over the edge of the rug and then stitched on. Binding tape can be either synthetic or cotton. Binding is available in standard or wide widths.

large binding            small binding

Large Binding                                       Standard Binding



Serging is another option for repairing a damaged carpet edge. During the serging process, damaged fringes are removed, then  the exposed edge is finished using an overcast stitch. This is the option most recommended for area rugs that had a fringe to begin with.

Before Serging            After Serging

Before Serging                                    After Serging



Refringing is another option in rug repair. The damaged fringes are removed, the edge is bound, and then a new fringe is stiched onto the rug.

before refringing            after refringing

Before Refringing                                  After Refringing


If you have any questions about rug repair, please consult with one of our technicians at the time of pickup, or call our office at (250)479-7419.