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Is MicroSeal safe for my home?

Yes. MicroSeal is EPA-rated safe, non-toxic and non-allergenic. In fact, MicroSeal has even earned the EPA's coveted Design for the Environment label, which according to the EPA, "helps consumers identify products that perform well, that are cost-effective and are safer for the environment." And if that isn't enough MicroSeal is also California VOC compliant, which means MicroSeal adheres to the nation's most stringent safety standards.


What protection does MicroSeal offer for my fabrics and fibres?

MicroSeal permanently prevents staining, strengthens fibres and fabrics to preserve their structural integrity and prevent wear, protects from ultraviolet rays to prevent sun fading, and even reduces flammability of fabrics and fibres.


How does MicroSeal work?

Instead of coating the surface of a fabric or fiber, like all other stain protectants, MicroSeal actually penetrates to protect the fabric or fibre from within. In fact, MicroSeal was engineered to mimic the natural protection that wool possesses before it is sheered from the animal. And MicroSeal works in much the same way. It is difficult to imagine something like wine permanently staining an animal's coat. This is because the fur is protected from within by oils. MicroSeal actually offers these same properties to virtually all fabrics and fibres. And because MicroSeal does not coat the surface of the fabric or fibre, it cannot be washed away by regular cleanings.


Will MicroSeal change the way my fabric or fibre smells, feels, or looks?

No. After MicroSeal dries and cures there is no odor, and even vibrantly-colored silks look and feel exactly the way they did before MicroSeal application.


Can MicroSeal be applied to heirloom fabrics and fibres?

Yes. MicroSeal can be applied to all of your prized heirloom fabrics and fibres. This is because MicroSeal does not "seal in" stains or dirt. Application of MicroSeal will only extend the lifespan, benefit cleaning and prevent future staining of all of your heirloom fabrics and fibres.


Are the performance and safety of MicroSeal verified by independent laboratory testing?

Yes. The following laboratories have tested MicroSeal for performance and safety:

Boeing Aerospace in Seattle, Chatfield Applied Research Laboratories in London, Commercial Testing Co. in Georgia, Certified Testing Laboratories in Georgia, Centre D' Aeronautique De Toulouse in France, Forensic Testing Laboratories in Georgia, U.S. Testing Co. in California and TRI/Environmental Inc. in Texas

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