Earth-friendly Home Cleaning Products, Victoria, BC

Get Clean™ Home Cleaning Products. "Safe for you, your home and your planet.™"

Rob & Lori Green of Greenway Carpet Cleaning are committed to the environment. They are proud to introduce a line of earth-friendly, Get Clean™ cleaning products. They are independent distributors for the world-famous Shaklee Company, which has a broad product line for your health and household, including cleaning, air & water treatment and nutrition.

The Greens personally love these biodegradable and non-toxic cleaners and highly recommend them. They are a must for families who want to be environmentally-friendly, and for those who have allergies.

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Would you like to try some samples or purchase products? Contact Rob & Lori anytime at 479-7419 or by email. They would be pleased to come to your home to show you samples of the products and answer your questions!