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Fake Silk Rugs – What You Need to Know

Rayon, viscose, faux silk, art silk, and bamboo silk are all names for fake silk. In most cases the consumer doesn’t know the difference between real silk and fake silk. This can be a problem if you are looking for … Continue reading

How Greenway Cleans Your Area Rugs

Here at Greenway we pride ourselves in providing the finest wool area rug cleaning service available. What sets us apart from most cleaners is the attention to detail, a huge knowledge of rug characteristics, dedication to non-toxic cleaning methods and … Continue reading

The Benefits of Applying a Protector to Your Upholstery

This cushion we cleaned had a protectant applied the last time it had been cleaned. Even though the sofa hadn't been cleaned in a while and was heavily soiled, it came up beautifully. It's well worth protecting both your new … Continue reading

10 Myths About Oriental Rugs

There are always misconceptions about oriental rugs. Here are some examples of untruths about wool and silk rugs.Some of these truths may surprise you! 10 Myths About Oriental Rugs

How to Value Your Oriental Wool Rug

This article will give you a rough idea about the value of your older rug. Having some knowledge of the history of your rug will help, especially the age. Determining the Value of Your Oriental Rug      

How to Clean Dog Urine from a Wool Rug

Animal urine can be difficult to remove, and wool rugs can easily be permanently damaged. The best defense is to deal with the contamination immediately, while it is still fresh. DON'T USE AMMONIA!! There are properties in stale urine that … Continue reading

HomePro™ Spotter Now Available at Greenway Carpet Cleaning!

HomePro™ Spotter gives professional results on wet cleanable carpet and upholstery stains, and even works on many wet-cleanable clothing stains. It's non-toxic and safe for use in the home, office or car. Great for spotting between those cleaning appointments! We … Continue reading

And The 2013 Home Expo Draw Winners Are…

Well it was a success! Lori and I had a booth at the 2013 Home Expo this past weekend at Juan de Fuca promoting our new protectant, MicroSeal®. We had daily draws where each winner will receive a FREE MicroSeal application … Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons to MicroSeal

Accidental spills can permanently damage textiles in a split second. MicroSeal gives you the peace of mind you have the very best protection available on the market. Sun Damage can fade valued textiles over time, even with proper cleaning and … Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons to Clean Your Carpets

Your family's health! Soiled carpeting can harbour bacteria and dust that can adversely effect your family's health. Conversely, a clean carpet acts as a filter in the home, keeping airbourne contaminants out of the air and improving indoor air quality. … Continue reading