Naturally Dyed Handmade Carpets from Oaxaca, Mexico

I was just looking at some old photos and video that we took when we went down to Oaxaca City in Mexico to check out traditional rug weaving back in 2008 and decided to share this video with you. Some of the finest hand loomed, naturally dyed rugs in the world come from this area and we wanted to see how they were made. We were very lucky , through word of mouth, to end up at the Chavez family villa in the town of Teotitlan del Valle outside of Oaxaca City.

Fortunately for us, Eric Chavez, the son of Federico Chavez, was visiting his family after teaching about Oaxacan rug art in the States. What a rare treat! He spent 3 hours with us and showed us weaving and dying techniques and taught us history on the art of rug weaving. His father was also kind enough to share some of Oaxaca's finest Mescal with us. After we were shown many beautiful rugs the family had woven and had for sale. Needless to say we came home with some amazing works of art, which currrently hang on the walls of my home.

Many, many thanks to the Chavez family and their hospitality. If I go back I wll be sure to visit them again.

Be sure to check out our video!

For more information on Oaxacan hadmade carpets and culture, you can check out this link.

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