What You Should Know About Protecting the Life of Your Carpet

With their rich colors, textures, and intricate weaves, carpet and rugs can give any room a homelike feel.  But the beauty and life of your carpet depends on the care it receives. 

Carpets today are designed to hide dirt and they have the ability to resist stains. The dirt in our carpet cannot be seen as easily as it can on hard floors. The ability of carpets to hide the dirt is very positive but just because we can’t see the dirt easily doesn’t mean we don’t need a regular cleaning program to protect the beauty of our carpet.

Nothing can compare to the feeling of warmth and comfort to having carpet underfoot in your home, it has an elegance and beauty. When you develop a few simple habits to maintain its appearance the carpets will last far beyond your expectations and keep looking beautiful if you just follow a few simple tips.

  1. Don’t wear shoes on the carpet. The last thing you want to do is track in outside dirt. Leave dirty shoes at the door.
  2. You can prolong the beauty of your carpet by placing small mats or runners in strategic areas in your home that might receive high amounts of foot traffic.
  3. To keep dirt from building up and your carpet from looking dingy, vacuum every day or every other day.
  4. If something spills, spot clean it immediately. The longer you leave a stain, the better its chance of becoming a permanent addition to your room.
  5. Develop a routine of cleaning your carpet a minimum of every 12 months. Usually when you can see the carpets need cleaning it means that damage has already started to occur.

With carpeting being one of the most popular choices for floor surfaces in your home it presents many challenges for cleaning spots or spills after a party. People spend thousands of dollars to put carpets in their home and they not only bring warmth and comfort to any room but they also bring an elegance and beauty to your home.

After you have been entertaining guests in your home you will often find spots or small spills of different types of drinks on the carpeting. It is quite common and there’s nothing worse than having to look at the spots for eternity. In many cases every time you walk in a room your eyes go to these marks and it can become quite an irritant if you don’t remove them. Being prepared and having the right tools can quite often make a difference between successfully removing the spots and having the carpet permanently damaged.

Just how long should a well-cared-for carpet last?  It’s hard to say.  Believe it or not, you can find some 100-plus-year-old Oriental rugs still in use.   But generally speaking, ten years is given as a guideline for quality carpets that are well-maintained (12.4 years according to DuPont studies).  Use manufacturers’ warranties as a guide to how long you can anticipate a particular carpet to last.

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