Dry Times

Dry time is determined by air flow/movement. Open windows and doors are your best bet for a faster dry time. As carpets dry, humidiy fills the room as the water evaporates. If the humdity cannot escape, the carpets will have a very slow dry time. Think of your bathroom when you take a hot shower. Open windows and doors will allow all that steam and humidity to excape and clear the room. If you shut the door or window and come back hours later, the room will still be damp/humid and won’t dry for many hours.

For wool carpets we can leave an air mover behind to help dry them at a much faster rate. Wool, more than any other materials such as synthetics, requires a fast dry time to avoid damage.

Many factors determine dry time and can include environmental conditions such as the weather, air flow/movement, open windows and doors, carpet time and material, and the method of cleaning such as encapsulation, hot-water extraction or restoration cleaning.

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