Carpet Odor and Carpet Stains

carpet dogandcat

Carpet odor can be caused by a number of different things. Some of the most common sources include pets – you may not see it happen, but on those occasions when Fido or Tabby can’t get outside or to the litter box, they may be using the carpet to relieve themselves. Pet odors – especially those caused by cat urine or dog urine can be strong and are tough to get rid of.  It’s best to tackle odors and stains as quickly as possible since it’s a lot easier to clean carpet stains and odors if you do it immediately after the unfortunate event happens.

Larger pets can cause urine spots that penetrate all the way down into the pad underneath the carpet. In situations like this, it can be difficult or almost impossible for the homeowner to remediate the situation.  Greenway has specialty equipment and enzyme based products that enable us to treat urine spots all the way to the subfloor!

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